Hackers suck!

I was recently notified that my blog had been hacked. If you have received a notice that I’m finally making money, ignore it! I’m still broke as ever, lol.

Small town girl unleashes her inner Diva

Her name is Tiffani and she is from a small town in western Kansas. She is a single mother of two children who is also a CNA. She works hard to provide for her family. Just like most women in the world today, Tiffani didn’t think that she could be glamorous and sexy. She thought of herself as a working mother. Someone who goes to work taking care of people all day. Then she goes home and takes care of her kids at night. She is a beautiful woman who now knows what it feels like to be a sexy, vibrant Diva. I could just see her self-esteem reveal itself with every click of the camera. By the time she left the studio, she was feeling untouchable! Her photos are something she will always have to look back on and say, “I am a beautiful person!” I absolutely love the feeling I get when the average woman leaves one of my shoots feeling fabulous about herself. That is when I know I have done my job.

Take a look at Tiffani in all her glory. She is simply radiant!

Family Time

With the holiday season upon us, I am flooded with fond memories of great times spent with family. Some of those times that are so precious in my mind were before I took pictures of everything and every moment. I cherish the heartfelt memories of happiness with my brothers and, so wish that I had pictures to reflect on.

So this holiday season remember to capture all of those touching, funny, and crazy times for a lifetime. Get out that camera and, snap away. Even if you feel you don’t take good pictures you will always have something to look back on.

To celebrate all that embodies families this holiday season I have decided to have a last minute family portrait special. There is still a little time to get those photos taken and have them back for Christmas.

I’m calling it the “Family Time” portrait extravaganza. I have taken the sitting fee and cut it in half. To make it even more special I am including a portrait package at an affordable price. So remember, life goes by and the children grow up so fast. Why not capture your family for a lifetime in a beautiful family portrait. Act fast… this offer expires on Dec. 17th!

Contact me at leftwingphotography@gmail.com for further details.

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Fun with the Crawford family

I recently had the pleasure of doing family portraits of Mike, Ashly, Brutis and Bella. We had a good time and, got some great images. The puppies were so adorable and, well behaved.


Here is a sneak peek :


Deck out your photos for Christmas

I have had a lot of requests for custom Christmas cards this year. So, I broke out the photoshop tools and got to work.


Here are some examples of the Christmas cards that I have created.

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A little Christmas Fun with Miss A

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Sneak Peek of Miss A’s boudoir shoot

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